Galileo once said “Wine is sunlight held together with water”. Well, for many wine does sound like sunlight empowering the body along with the soul, beginning from its aroma of flowers, vanilla, mocha or chocolate, to its first sip, to its spreading flavor on your taste buds, be it sweet, dry or off-dry, and then the last impression, the fruity or spicy flavor it leaves in your mouth when you swallow that sip. Didn’t just imagining that make you feel a little mesmerized? Well, apart from the smell and the flavor, wine is also considered the healthiest beverage amongst other alcoholic beverages because many researchers say; it’s good for your heart, it reduces the risk of liver diseases, it can increase your Lifespan, it helps in improving your concentration, it decreases risk of cancer, it provides your body good cholesterol, the list is never ending… You must be thinking that when wine is said to have so many health benefits and even the mighty and powerful Russians used to drink wine to regain their strength in their conquests and wars, then why is drinking considered a bad habit?  Or is it?

A simple answer to this is to consider the Quality and not the Quantity of wine sold in today’s market. With the increasing demand, many producers have lowered the quality of wine by adding non-organic sulphites, chemicals and preservatives, and this puts our health at stake and they profit as a result. Their profit at priority. In fact, its been proven, the lower the quality of wine, the lower are its health benefits, and the higher are its after-effects like nausea, headache, red wine face, allergies etc. which for many that suffer from these allergies have to stop drinking wine altogether. Who would prefer to stop drinking a beverage which helps you to relax, rejuvenate as well as is healthy for your body?

To be able to enjoy the benefits of wine, you should be well aware of the differences between the different types of wines available in the market like:

  1. Organic Wine: These are not preservative free, but hold organically derived Sulphur dioxide. These wines usually contain about 0-150 ppm of Sulphur dioxide depending on the country of certification and the certifying bodies.
  2. Preservative free wine: Well, there cannot be any wine without preservatives because adding preservatives is a mandatory step during the wine ageing process. These wines are actually tagged as “No added preservatives” meaning that the natural high phenolic content in the grapes is maintained using efficient vinery practices during the wine making process.
  3. Biodynamic wine: These types of wines are made solely by the help of Mother Nature. No pesticides and herbicides are used to improve the quality of grapes used to make these wines; instead the winemaker leaves everything on the cycles of nature, herbs, manure and minerals leading to its great health benefits.
  4. Chemical Free wine: These are the purest of all with no chemicals used during the wine making process. They have absolutely no fertilizers, stimuli, pesticides and herbicides and are the best ones.

So, what should be done to ensure that you as a customer and consumer are not being cheated?  The Chem Free Guys at, can help you assure the quality of your wine. They conduct laboratory tests on different wines and as per their observations sell Chemical-free, organic, biodynamic and preservative-free wines on their website. They strive to bring out the best healthy wine to you by testing the truth behind the ingredients defined on the wine bottles so that you are never misled and could enjoy all the benefits of wine for all the good reasons.

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