The Hombres would like to salute Antonio Docampo Garcia who just passed at the ripe old age of 107 years. His secret according to his son was he drank four bottles of Organic Chemical Free Red Wine a day. Now we’re not condoning doing the same but the Amigos realised something after reading this… we actually could. Why? Because we’re literally holding the only wine in existence that we are aware of that is 100% Chemical Free something that we would have loved to share with good old Antonio. The motto of this story… if it’s good for you it’s definitely not going to kill you and best to drink what is good for you than drink what is not and thus the reason Antonio probably chose wine over water most of his life. And now with our newly arriving Biodynamic Chemical Free Shiraz well, we won’t test Antonio’s theory but it’s nice to know we could if we wanted too. We’ll be doing some blind taste testing very soon so look out for us as we prove Chemical Free wine is the preferred taste over all else.

Rest in Peace Amigo

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